“He is Watching Over Us”

Posted on: March 28, 2013

Katyana is my lyrical song writer. At the age of eight at her Chrismation and as is tradition, each Orthodox person takes on the name of a saint. Katyana’s Patroness Saint is St. Kassia whom she chose at baptism. St. Kassia was the first female hymnographer and my Katyana loves writing songs to the Heavens. It was a perfect match.

Katyana, age 8.

Katyana, age 8.

Katyana has written many songs that fill many notebooks through the years. However, this one just grabbed my heart. She’s fourteen. I love how she has tied the stories of the Bible together. I love that in her spare time this is what she chooses to do. I am humbled as well. God speaks ever so strongly through our children.

“He is Watching Over Us” by Katyana, age 14. © Published with Permission.

Everybody has dreams. They can be sweet or scary but the Lord is shining His Light upon us. When you are scared or having a hard life, He will be there. No matter what. No matter what. No matter what.

He will be there for you ’cause He is your Nightlight, your Shining Star. He is our Savior. He is here for us everyday and night. Oh, He is our Nightlight and our Shining Star. He can be everywhere at once because He is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He created us and everything. He is in our hearts, in our hearts.

He is in our lives and dreams ’cause He is our Shining Star, our Nightlight. He is our Father in heaven. He is the Lamb, the Light and Truth. So say your prayers every day and every night because he is listening to all of your prayers. He will be there, be there for you.

When you are scared, He knows your dreams are scary and sweet they will be. They will be good ones and bad ones. The Lion’s Den with Daniel. They were tamed by Daniel’s prayer to God. The lost lamb was found by the Shepherd. We are the Lord’s Lambs and He is our Shepherd. The Lord is there for you and for me. He will help you and is there right next to you. You don’t see Him but he sees you.

He is your Shining Star, your Nightlight. He sends your guardian angels to watch over you. Watch over you, He will. Yes, He will be there for you day and night. He created the earth, the sun, the moon, the sky and the stars. He made us in His own likeness.

He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord. He is Christ. He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He is our Nightlight, our Shining Star. He will be watching us, watching us, night and day. He is our Shepherd. We are His lambs. We are His children. He loves all of us all over the world. He loves the dark and the white sheep. The stars are shining bright tonight.

The Lord is listening to my prayer. He hears my confessions. He hears me ask for forgiveness. He gave us the breath of life. He sent man down on earth who named every animal ever made down in the Garden of Eden. He told man don’t ever eat from the tree of good and evil. That tree was the tree of knowledge. Eve tempted Adam to eat the fruit. God cast man out and put a flaming sword and an angel to protect the Tree of Life.

Man worked hard and long. Later on, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on stone tablets to give to the people of Israel. Moses led the people to the Promised Land. This is something to remember. God always keeps His promises. Look at the sky to see His Promise. In the rainbow He has promised to never flood the earth again. And God’s promises are always kept.

Later on, the Lord told Mary she was going to have a son. He told her not to be afraid. Then He told Joseph the one he was going to marry and to name their son Emmanuel. God was going to be with us on earth. When Jesus was wrapped up in swaddling clothes, He was laid in a manger for there was no room in the inn. So, remember He is our Christ. It doesn’t matter where we are born. He is our Christ. He died for us on the cross. That cross is broken and in pieces all over the earth. He is everywhere.

He is our Shining Light and our Nightlight. So say your prayers everyday and every night. He knows that we love Him ’cause He lives in us. We are His temple. He is our King, Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He loves us. We love Him. He is our Creator. He is our Nightlight. He is our Shining Star.

He is the Lamb. He is watching over us day and night. He is watching from the stars. He is watching from the heavens. He is watching from the sun. He is watching from the moon. He is watching, watching, watching. He is watching over us everyday and every night. He is our Nightlight, our Shining Star. He’s everywhere.

He helped Joshua fight the battle of Jericho. He helped David defeat the giant with just five pepples and his sling. David was just a shepherd boy. Mary was a virgin. Mary gave birth to Jesus and he laid there in the manger. He loves us all.

Simeon wanted to see Jesus before he died. Simeon’s prayer was answered by the Lord. God is watching us. God is watching over us. God loves us. He is our Savior. He is King. He is Lord. He is the Lamb. He is the Shepherd. He is watching over us.

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Katyana this is really beautiful! It is so deep and filled with truth. It is like reading one of David’s Psalms. Such a sweet reminder of who God is and how much he cares at a very fearfilled time in my life. Thanks for sharing this. Love you, Sue

Very beautiful Katyana. I hope to hear you sing it sometime. You’re very gifted.

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