Posted on: March 28, 2013

My son. Childhood disease. An imperfect world. I love that God speaks through our children; those with a voice and those too young or too sick to have a voice. Prayers for Mattie and all the children who are are walking through the hard journey of childhood disease and their families that care for them. And I am praying for a heart like my son’s heart.

From the Heart

I’m in awe of the number of people Mattie has impacted in his first 2 1/2 years of life. People from all walks of life. Young and old. Near and far. Friends, family and strangers.

Mattie has a way of drawing you in and grabbing a little piece of your heart. He has made his mark. Delivered joy. Poured out sweet love on so many.

When I get emails, messages, or mail from children who pray for Mattie, my heart is just leaps. Precious, faith-filled hearts, loving so beautifully.

Our far away friend Ethan is one of those dear children who has faithfully prayer for Mattie from the very beginning.


Ethan’s is witty, charming, and full of life. He too is a survivor, a fighter, a brave warrior.

He sent this to Mattie in the mail yesterday.

Sometimes love comes wrapped in a cardboard box from Amazon.


Yes, that is…

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