American Football – Who Knew It Could Be So FUN!!!!

Posted on: August 29, 2012

I admit it. I’ve never been a fan of football. My friends were either on the field or in the band during high school football and I had no one to hang out with so I avoided football altogether. My College didn’t have a Football team and I have only been to half of a UT Vols Football Game (and if anyone knows how my son can score a ticket to attend a game, I would be extremely grateful).

My attitude is slowly changing thanks to my son being involved in Football for the first year ever. He loves being on the Hardin Valley Hawks football team. And for me, it’s not about wins and losses but team work and the life lessons learned.

I had no idea that football was such a family activity. Ethan’s first time playing was a two-game tournament out-of-county. It ended up being a day of family fun! Ethan is playing the offensive line; Katyana is the head water crew (she LOVES managing her younger water crew members); Sydney met some new friends who showed her the fun of cheer-leading and I was a photographer (although there are many more qualified). But it was so awesome how all the Reedettes found a place in an activity. I just had no idea it could be so much fun.

Ethan, age 10, offensive lineman, number 43 for Troy Polamalu.

Ethan, center, with supportive sisters, Katyana (left) and Sydney (right).

Two of Ethan’s greatest fans, Sydney (12) and Katyana (13 1/2).

A family event!!!

My favorite photo of Ethan in a recent game. Just look at his face. Photo credit to Rob Fletcher.






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