The Schlearning Academy School Year 2012/2013 Curriculum

Posted on: July 13, 2012

This is what the Reedettes will be learning in 2012/2013.

Spelling/Vocabulary: AVKO Sequential Spelling and Worldly Wise.

Reading/Writing/Grammar/Handwriting: Excellence for Writing; Linguistic Development through Poetry; Explode the Code (Ethan), Copy Work (Faith-based), some random lapbooks I have made for grammar rules and the School House Rocks DVD. They will each have their assigned books they need to read.

Math: Singapore  along with each child’s journey through Khan Academy followed with real life applications (toy catalogs for Ethan) and “Basic Math” through the Great Courses 30 minute lectures.

History: Story of the World and Ages of Grace.

Science:  The Story of Science by Joy Hakim along with lots of field trips to science museums and fun home experiments with physics and chemistry.

Geography: We are studying ALL the countries in the world and are going to identify social problems in each country with a few other facts. We will make our own random lapbooks from this study. We are going to reinforce the Geography by playing “Let’s Jet!”

Social Studies: Understanding the U.S. Constitution.

I am actually extremely excited about this school year. I think I have a FUN plan and I am SO excited to begin!

3 Responses to "The Schlearning Academy School Year 2012/2013 Curriculum"

I’m gonna have to bookmark this; I get most of my good curriculum ideas from you! I haven’t been able to find much of the Singapore Math lessons on Khan, but the ones I found Marshall really liked (and he hates doing math!!). Do you just search for other lessons that match what you’re doing? Are the Great Courses math courses good?

And, really, we’re going to have to SCHEDULE a phone call. (And maybe a little trip. Or a big one).

Hi Lia!!! The Great Math Courses are solid and teach in a different style than Singapore. My kids, especially Ethan, needs new concepts presented several different ways for it to sink in well. They are thirty minute lectures. We take them slowly because we are in Basic Math and it’s preparing them for Algebra (which won’t be for at least another year). The kids have their individual Khan Academy accounts and they love going through the levels. However, if we get stuck on a concept in Singapore, we watch the Khan video that correlates and then try again. I am seriously ALL over the place. I don’t know anyone else who has gone through the Story of Science but it correlates math and science and since my kids LOVE science, I am hoping it perks up their interest in math. That remains to be seen… haha. But I am really excited about homeschooling this year. Now that we are FINALLY out of the house, my creative juices are turned back on. (-: Have you done lapbooks yet?

And yes… we need a phone call (my phone stinks… maybe I will call you some afternoon this upcoming week). I am sickly today. And a trip sounds heavenly! (-:

Yeah, anytime next week should work. I’m just planning on lots of cleaning and lesson plans. You can interrupt THAT anytime!

So glad you got your excitement for homeschooling back! This time of year is my favorite, planning on all of the new stuff to learn! I need to pick your brain about the math, though. Marshall is good at it, but hates DOING it. Drives me crazy.

Can’t wait to talk! We need to come up with someplace good to go!

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